Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where did the Wabi Sabi Penguin come from?

About a decade ago my wife and I opened an internet penguin retail shop.

Image of Pink Penugin Wabi Sabi T-Sirt
We sold everything penguin.  My journey into Zen started with a lot of pop Zen books where I ran into the wabi sabi concept.  One way to think of wabi sabi is as the appreciation and representation of impermanence in art and architecture.

I was way into appreciating impermanence at the time and I also enjoy Photoshop so I made the penguin design that is the blog logo.  Then I used this design to create different style shirts.

Recently we sold the business so that I could dedicate full-time to this lucrative blog instead but the shirts are still available if you click on the pink shirt.

I wish I could say there was a deeper meaning to the I achieved enlightenment during its creation but the truth is it was just fun to create and enlightenment, if it occurs at all, is a future event...but I'm not grasping (a little Zen humor.)

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