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Sitting Meditation (zazen in Zen) is physically demanding.  While I'm in generally good shape I have a few historic injuries that complicate sitting meditation.  I'm also an experimenter by nature which oozes out in Zen as I search for techniques to find a Neutral Position for zazen.

WabiSabiPenguinOur bodies aren't use to sitting folded up and motionless for long periods of time without some discomfort.  The goal is not to eliminate discomfort; it is to find a natural balance (I call it finding neutral) that is a healthy starting point for sitting meditation.  Neutral is the position that best supports your body without adding pain due to poor posture or poor sitting position or tools.

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Meditation Cushions

Meditation Benches

Other Meditation Tools & Devices

(Note: Some physical situations require the use of a chair or lying flat. These solutions are not addressed in this blog; however, there are many great methods to support any meditation practice...keep Googling and I'm sure you will find yours.)

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