Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Metta Month on the Insight Timer App

August was declared "Metta Month" by Noelle on the Insight Timer App.  Karl from Hobart Tasmania shared his Metta practice which became the starting point for me.  Over the month I made subtle changes to tune the practice to my circumstance.  The following is my current Metta practice.

If you aren't familiar with Metta practice it is expressing loving-compassion to yourself and others.  Typically you start with yourself and then replace the "I" with a family member, loved one, friend, those in need, those of neutral emotional connection and those with negative emotional connection.  The fundamental component of the practice is the recognition that separation (including from yourself) creates suffering.  Metta brings awareness to close the separation.

May I love my fear,
May I love my frustration,
May I love my obsessive thinking,
May I love my self doubt,
May I love my confusion,
May I love my awkwardness,
May I continually discover the inner peace that allows me to be completely present in the moment,
May I love myself exactly, exactly as I am.

Namaste and Friendly Bows _/|\_