Friday, April 5, 2013

Buttonholes, Shower Benches and a Poem

My new sitting device is being patient while I learn to sew buttonholes.

The manual to my daughter's sewing machine disappeared and it's been a case of trial and error (with lots of error) to figure out how to make a buttonhole.  I can manage it once and then when I try to repeat it the sewing machine seems to turn into a pasta mill...hmmm.  Hopefully soon.

Shower Bench for Zazen
Shower Bench for Zazen
As part of my morning zazen practice I use an app called Insight Timer (click here to read the review.)  In one of the discussions someone mentioned that they used a shower bench for meditation.  It allowed them to adjust the height and also create an angle in the bench seat by using two different height settings.  This might be an interesting alternative for folks with knee or back problems.  If anyone gives this a try can you please leave a comment to this post to let others know how well it works?

Below is the poem I submitted yesterday to "30 Poems in 30 Days".

Friendly Bows _/|\_

Poem - The Self Illusion

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