Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grabbing a handful of Spaghetti

Zen seems to be full of convoluted double speak.

Especially when you first start a Zen practice it's kind of like you are waiting for the secret handshake so that you can complete your initiation and start to understand what this mumbo-jumbo is all about. With patience and perseverance it does get easier to understand.

Really all of Zen can be boiled down to just one thing...being completely aware of what is happening right now - in this very moment. The problem is our minds are never satisfied with this. Especially if you have an "Oh look, a chicken!" ADHD brain like mine. You want to think about anything and everything but this very moment. Our minds will plan the future or mull over past events...worry, worry, worry. This is what Buddhists call "suffering" which is one of those key Buddhists terms you run into over and over.

Grabbing that handful of spaghetti refers to both unraveling these pesky Buddhist terms and the pesky business of keeping your awareness on just this very moment.

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